3¢ 1851-57
Plating Initiative

Compiled by Stephen Kittle, Gary "ClassicCoin", Art Keeter, Tim Treen, Charles DiComo, Ray Pederson

The 3¢ 1851-57 Plating Initiative was started as an foundational, long-term archive for Scott #10, 10A, 11, 11A plating information. This is a community effort, others are welcome to join in and help publish this information for decades to come. Please use Contact page if you would like to contribute images or with data entry.

Graphical Plate Reconstruction - A unique graphical overview made from reassembled plates.

View Database - A quick and easy way to view the Plating information by Plate Name, Catalog Number, Type, Variety or Search by Position.

Easy Identification; US 3c 1851-57 Designs The 3c 1851-57 designs can be confusing to identify. This article is intended to help hobbyists easily identify the four different types by the process of elimination.

Learn more about plates - Includes additional plate details and information.

Learn more about colors - A brief sumamry of the color used on 1851-57 stamps.

Purchase DVD - The archive contains hundreds and hundreds of high resolution images which assist with understanding design details. Providing a download of the several gigabytes of images is not feasible but a DVD image disk is available for sale.

Additional Resources

"The 3c Stamp of the United States 1851-1857 Issue" by Carroll Chase.
Smithsonian 11x14 b&w glossy photos; complete set at $500 or individual panes at $25 each.

USPCS web site