Contributer's Guide

Any visitor to the Stamp Smarter philatelic web site can request authorization to become a Contributor, and then add new covers to this database. The following guidelines describe some of the conventions which are to be used when adding new records. Following these conventions is essential so that future Views and Users will obtain consistent results when analyzing the data from this DB.

(1) Any item carried as a registered item in the U.S. mail is a candidate for inclusion in this DB. We also welcome USPO penalty mail with contents related to registered mail.

(2) Images of the cover should be scanned at 300 dpi when possible. It is preferred that both the front and back side of the original cover be scanned and added to the DB. Please add both images especialy when postmarks and other items appear on the back side of your item.

(3) The Contributor has the ability to enter all of the data elements associated with each cover. This entry should be as complete as possible.

(4) The Postmark information: City, State, Country, and date elements should always be entered. If one of the date elements is obscured, then that field should be left blank.

(5) Auxiliary markings found on the cover should be added verbatim in the Notes field.

(6) The Notes field is a general field where any descriptive information is added for the benefit of a future viewer. It is generally assumed that cover data entered into the DB is the property of the Contributor. In the event that a cover is not the property of the Contributor, and the cover is taken from a public source like an auction house catalog or website, the Contributor must provide proper credit for the original source of the cover image. For example: [Source: Robert A Siegel Auctions, Sale #1234, Lot 567], or [Source: eBay seller ABCDEFG, Sept 2017]. If there are any questions, please contact the Stamp Smarter Administrator for clarifications.