Easy Identification - US 1851-58 10c Types

By Bill Weiss

There are five types which can be easily identified by a process of elimination as follows;
    1. If the outer designs at left and right are cut away, it MUST be Type V (Number #35);
    2. If the design is complete at the bottom AND sides, it MUST be Type I (Number #13, #31);
   3. If the design at bottom or top center is recut at one or both, it MUST be Type IV (Number #16, #34);
    4. If the design is none of the above it MUST be either Type II or Type III as follows;
          a. Type II is complete at top and over the right “X” (Number #14, #32);
          b. Type III is NOT complete at top and over the right “X” (Number #15, #33).

And to restate these in Number order;
     TYPE I – Complete design at sides and bottom;
     TYPE II – Complete at sides and top but not at bottom;
     TYPE III – Complete at sides, but not at top or bottom
     TYPE IV – Complete at sides and RECUT at top or bottom center curved line, or both;
     TYPE V – Complete at bottom but cut away at sides.