Number 459
Rotary Press Imperforate Type I from Siegel Sale 948*

2¢ Washington Head
Rotary Press Type I

Number 459 - The 2¢ type I imperforate rotary stamp must be type I and single-line watermarked. It was often privately perforated by the U.S. Automatic Vending Machine Company using their Type III perforations, and many used copies will show these perforations. This stamp is best collected as a pair, eliminating the possibility of being manufactured from the coil stamp.

*The type I rotary imperforate pair illustrated is from the Corey Long Collection of United States - Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, Inc. - Sale #948 - December, 13, 2007

This stamp may be faked, although a reasonable fake can only be made from one other stamp, the 2¢ type I horizontal rotary coil, which is the only other type I rotary press two cent stamp.This coil is rare in its own right, discouraging most chicanery. Since the side perforations must be trimmed to create the imperforate stamp, fakes made from the coil stamp are often too narrow, often less than the desired 21mm wide overall. Of course, pairs of the rotary imperforate stamp can not be made from any stock and are genuine, providing they are type I and rotary press printings. This stamp is often collected in pairs for that reason. Another thing to watch for, fakes made from the coil stamp often tend toward the carmine rose shade and the imperforate stamp does not appear in that shade.

It is more common to see the fake made from the type III rotary coil. The faker carefully removes a line of shading from the appropriate ribbons. This is not a convincing fake, however, since there are many other ways to distinguish the type I from the type III. Of course, fakes made from the unwatermarked type III rotary coil will not have a watermark and that too is a giveaway.

Perhaps the greatest confusion with this stamp comes not from fakery, but from wishful thinking. Many of the flat plate imperforates which are indeed type I and single-line watermarked, are confused with the more expensive rotary stamp. Take particular care in measuring these stamps, the design must be more than 19.5mm wide. Even better, use a template. See: Flat Plate Vs Rotary.

This stamp is so rare it should never be bought or sold without certification. If you should run across a stamp that you think might be the imperforate rotary coil, remember these things
1. The design must measure at least 19.5 mm wide, the same criteria as the horizontal coil stamps
2. The stamp must be single-line watermarked
3. The stamp must be type I, beware of altered type III stamps
4. The overall stamp should measure at least 21 mm wide eliminating trimmed copies of the coil stamp
5. The stamp should not be a carmine rose shade, also eliminating trimmed copies of the coil stamp

If your stamp meets all of these criteria, your next step is to have the stamp certified.

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