Scott 410
Perf 8½ Horizontally Vertical or Endwise Coil

1¢ Washington Head
Denomination in Numerals
Perf 8½ Coils

Scott 412
Perf 8½ Vertically Horizontal or Sidewise Coil

Watermark Check There is no need to check for watermark or plate type. Both of these stamps are flat plate and single-line watermarked.

Coil Type Printing Method Watermark Number
Perf 8.5 horizontally Flat Plate Single-line 410
Perf 8.5 vertically Flat Plate Single-line 412

The 1¢ Washington perf 8½ coils are sometimes faked by adding perforations to the common imperforate stamp, Number 408, since the cost of certification outweighs the value of the stamp. Check the perforations closely to insure they are genuine.

Washington Franklin Identifier Tool