Types of the Offset 2¢ Washington
A Simplified Chart

A Simplified Approach to the Types of the 2¢ Offset

The chart below highlights the defining characteristic of each of the Types of the 2¢ offset stamp. Please note that the Type V stamp is identified by what it is NOT. If it has none of the features listed below, it most likely is a Type V; it would be advisable, however, to check all eight identification areas before assuming the stamp is a Type V, "Eight Areas that Determine the Type of the 2¢ Offset Stamp".

Type IV

The lines in the toga button form the word "DID" with the first "D" backward.

Type VA

The third line of dots above the nostril has only four dots in it. The incomplete shading in the nose is the defining feature of Type VA.

Type VI

The line separating the bottom part of the numeral "2" is very thick.

Type VII

There are four rows of three dots above the lip.