The Farley Special Printings of 1935
3¢ Mt. Ranier National Park

Mirror Lake - Mount Rainier National Park - Issued without Gum

Number 742
Number 750a
Number 758 - Reprint of 742
Number 770a - Reprint of 750

Number 742 is the regularly issued perf 11 flat plate stamp, if the stamp has perforations it must be 742. The Farley reprint of this stamp is Number 758, issued imperforate without gum. Note that 742 and 750 are not Farley reprints.

The Farley special printing of the souvenir sheet, Number 770, was printed by the flat plate method, imperforate and not gummed and was issued as a full sheet of 120 stamps, with 20 panes of 6 stamps separated by 23 mm gutters. The souvenir sheet, Number 750, was sold as a pane of 6 stamps with the inscriptions in the margins as illustrated. Anything less than a full pane of 6 is given the suffix "a". Number 750/750a and 770/770a are distinguished by the presence of a 23 mm gutter in the latter. Finally, if the stamp does not include any marginal inscriptions or a large gutter it must be assumed to be the Farley reprint, Number 758.

Number 750 Souvenir Sheet
Number 770 - Farley Souvenir Pane