The Farley Special Printings of 1935
16¢ Air Mail Special Delivery

The Great Seal of the United States - Air Mail Special Delivery - Issued without Gum

Number CE1
Number 771 - Farley Special Printing

A single stamp is all that is needed to distinguish the Farley Special Printing of this stamp, if it is imperforate it is the Special Printing. Any difference in shade is incidental.

This Farley Special Printing was issued without gum, as a sheet of 200 stamps, printed by the flat plate method, with four panes of 50 separated by guide lines. In the very center of the sheet the horizontal and vertical guide lines crossed, creating collectible pairs and blocks with guide line between, as well as a center-line block and arrows at the end of the guide lines.

Number 771 Farley Issue Plate Block