Postage Stamps of the United States - 1885


Chester A. Arthur

Postmaster General
William Vilas


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1885 "American Patrol"

Postage Rate

Domestic Letter Rate
1/1-3/2: 3¢ per 1/2 oz.
3/3-12/31: 2¢ per 1/2 oz.

Card Rate: 1¢

Registry Fee: 10¢

Foreign Rate: 5¢


The first U.S. Special Delivery stamp 10¢ Blue Running Messenger Issued October 1, 1885

The Special Delivery Stamp of 1885 - American Bank Note Company
Unwatermarked - Flat Plate - Perf 12 - 100 Subject Plates

Presidents: 1/1-3/3: Chester A. Arthur 3/4-12/31: Grover Cleveland
Postmasters General: 1/1-3/5: Frank Hatton 3/6-12/31: William F. Vilas
Domestic Letter Rate: 1/1-6/30: 2¢ per 1/2 oz. 7/1-12/31: 2¢ per oz. (all subsequent rates are per ounce)
Card Rate: 1¢ Registry Fee: 10¢ Foreign Rate: 5¢

The following postage stamp varieties were first issued by the U.S. in 1885:
Number E1 - Special Delivery: 10¢ Blue Running Messenger

No new varieties of Regular Issue stamps were issued in 1885
The first Commemorative stamps were not issued until 1893
There are covers known with cancels that pre-date the actual issuance of this stamp by a day or so.

see also: Designs of the 1870-1888 Regular Issues