Postage Stamps of the United States - 1854


Franklin Pierce

Postmaster General:
James Campbell


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Postage Rates

Domestic Letter Rate under 3000 mi. per ½ oz.
Three Cents Not Prepaid: Five Cents 
Domestic Letter Rate over 3000 mi. per ½ oz.: Prepaid:Six Cents Not Prepaid: Ten Cents 
Foreign Letter Rate under 2500 mi. per ½ oz.: Ten Cents - except where otherwise adjusted by treaty 
Foreign Letter Rate over 2500 mi. per ½ oz.: Twenty Cents - except where otherwise adjusted by treaty
Rate for Drop Letters: One Cent - prepayment not required - no weight restriction 
Rate for Newspapers and Circulars up to 3 oz.: 1¢, 1¢ for each additional oz. 
prepayment required, rate did not change until 1863 


The following postage stamp varieties were first issued by the U.S. in 1853:
No new varieties of regular issue U.S. postage stamps were issued in 1853.
Commemoratives: The first Commemorative stamps were not issued until 1893
Special Delivery: The first Special Delivery stamps were not issued until 1885
Postage Dues: The first Postage Due Stamps were not issued until 1879

see also: Designs of the 1851-1860 Regular Issues