The U.S. Parcel Post Stamps - Designs of 1913

The Parcel Post and the Parcel Post Postage Due stamps were printed by the Bureau of Engraving & Printing using 180 subject flat plates on single-line watermarked paper and were perforated 12. The sheets were cut into four panes of 45 stamps before delivery to Post Offices.

Scott Q1 
1¢ Post Office Clerk
Scott Q2 
2¢ City Mail Carrier
Scott Q3 
3¢ Railway Postal Clerk
Scott Q4 
4¢ Rural Mail Carrier
Scott Q5 
5¢ Mail Train
Scott Q6 
10¢ Ship & Mail Tender
Scott Q7 
15¢ Automobile Service
Scott Q8 
20¢ Mail Via Aeroplane
Scott Q9 
25¢ Manufacturing Plant
Scott Q10 
50¢ Dairy Farming
Scott Q11 
75¢ Harvesting
Scott Q12 
$1 Fruit Growing
Scott JQ1 
Scott JQ2 
Scott JQ3 
Scott JQ4 
Scott JQ5 

Scott Numbers for the Parcel Post and Parcel Post Postage Due Designs of 1913
Parcel Post Stamps of 1913
Scott Q1 - 1¢ Post Office Clerk Sorting Mail - Carmine rose, carmine
Scott Q2 - 2¢ City Mail Carrier Making a Delivery - Carmine rose, carmine
Scott Q2a - Lake - 2¢ Lake
Scott Q2b - Carmine Lake - 2¢ Carmine lake
Scott Q3 - 3¢ Railway Postal Clerk Catching Mail - Carmine to deep carmine
Scott Q4 - 4¢ Rural Mail Carrier with Horse and Buggy - Carmine rose, carmine
Scott Q5 - 5¢ Mail Train Approaching Mail Bag on Rack - Carmine rose, carmine
Scott Q6 - 10¢ Steamship with Mail Tender at Side in the N.Y. Harbor - Carmine rose, carmine
Scott Q7 - 15¢ Mail Carrier Delivering via Automobile Service - Carmine rose, carmine
Scott Q8 - 20¢ Aeroplane Carrying Mail - Carmine rose, carmine

The last four, higher value, Parcel Post stamps honored the American agriculture and manufacturing industries.
All four range in color from carmine to carmine rose, with carmine rose being the major color variety.
Scott Q9 - 25¢ Manufacturing in America - Illustrated: A South Chicago steel mill with railroad freight cars in the foreground
Scott Q10 - 50¢ American Dairy Industry - Illustrated: Dairy cows grazing in a meadow with farmhouses in the background
Scott Q11 - 75¢ Modern Farming Machinery - Illustrated: A harvester set against a wagon and large mounds of grain
Scott Q12 - $1 Fruit Growing - Illustrated: A large orange grove with fruit pickers on ladders

Parcel Post Postage Due Stamps of 1913
Scott JQ1 - 1¢ Dark green, yellowish green - Geometric lathe design
Scott JQ2 - 2¢ Dark green, yellowish green - Geometric lathe design
Scott JQ3 - 5¢ Dark green, yellowish green - Geometric lathe design
Scott JQ4 - 10¢ Dark green, yellowish green - Geometric lathe design
Scott JQ5 - 25¢ Dark green, yellowish green - Geometric lathe design