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World Stamp Identifier

The World Stamp Identifer is a free, interactive tool which helps you identify many of the harder to recognize stamps.

Washington Franklin Identifier

This tool provides an easy way to quickly identify Washington/Franklin stamps of 1908-1922.

Monthly Stamp Contest

Monthly contest to win exciting stamp and cover prizes!

Community Projects

These are community efforts and enlist the contributions of many Stamp Smarter members. By using 'the power of many' these collaborative projects represent more than could be done by a single person.

  • Schermack
    Control Perfin Census
  • The 'go to' reference for Schermack Control Perfin census
  • ID All Control Perfins
  • Determine Rarity
  • Detailed Useage Info
  • Get Started
  • US Revenue Insurance Cancellations
  • Interesting speciality for First Issue US Revenues
  • 1862-1874 Cancellations
  • Built on Tolman's Work
  • 2000+ Cancels
  • Quickly Identify Your Stamps
  • Get Started

  • The
    3¢ 1851-57 Plating Initiative
  • A foundational research archive for Scott #10, 10A, 11, 11A plating information.
  • Hi-Resolution Images
  • Reconstructed Plates
  • #10 vs. #11
  • Get Started

This site is dedicated to helping hobbyists acquire knowledge free of cost. We feel that one of the greatest attributes of philately is the thrill of identifying your stamps and the learning opportunities uncovered along the way.

We believe that the marriage of technology and philately is a blessing and is helping philately move forward into the future. In many ways the internet is actually the 'next generation' postal system; representing the next step in the evolution of the ways humans communicate with each other.

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